At Sewald Hanfling we have a deep-rooted understanding of our ever shifting local, regional and national political landscapes.

We are experts in developing communication strategies that resonate with politicians, opinion leaders and decision makers. To ensure that your government relations efforts are successful, we strategically manage your profile among all levels and facets of the government, from agency personnel and elected officials to the media and the public. We accomplish your goals through tried-and-true advocacy techniques including grassroots activism, coalition building and community relations.

Sewald Hanfling maintains a full-time presence at the Capitol and are involved at every level of the legislative process and engage on all client related issues at the Colorado Legislature. Lobbying services include monitoring, sponsoring and opposing legislation. We also work closely with the Governor’s office, Cabinet members as well as the various departments and regulatory agencies in Colorado that are involved in legislative public policy.

Government Affairs


Sewald Hanfling knows that every project requires a unique solution and that each company’s public affairs and community relations needs are different.

As business or political landscapes shift, so do your needs. We take every internal and external factor into consideration to effectively manage your image among the public, the media and key decision makers in the private and public sectors. 

We are experts in crafting the right narrative for our clients and amplifying their voice in larger conversations. We have a deep understanding of audience demographics and have an extensive track record in placing stories at all levels of print, broadcast and digital media.

Business Development


Whether you are moving your business to Colorado, expanding a company that is already here or just want to know about issues that may affect your business, Sewald Hanfling can help.

At Sewald Hanfling we that understand that business is about the bottom-line. As established thought leaders in the business, political and nonprofit sectors of Colorado, we have the knowledge and influence to help you reach your goals.

Pending legislation or regulations, government contracting and procurement processes, and your organization’s relationship with government officials can be critical in achieving your objectives.