Igniting Change with Sewald Hanfling

At Sewald Hanfling, we know public affairs.

With over 75 combined years of government, business and community expertise, we have established ourselves as a leading public affairs firm with local, regional and national recognition. Since establishing in 2012, Sewald Hanfling has become the go-to public affairs firm.

You may ask: what makes Sewald Hanfling different?

The answer is simple. We have one mission: to ignite change. We are government affairs experts dedicated to making a positive, lasting impact. Our staff has come from diverse backgrounds, both professionally and personally. When combined, we have the expertise, creativity and drive to deliver seamless, deliverable and proven results.

One thing that motivates us on a daily basis is the fight and passion we see from our clients. The world they fight for is the world we wish to live in. Together we are able to grow and to make a change.

Whether it is a local project to a national agenda matter, we adopt a hands-on, client-centric way of thinking. We offer a full suite of public affairs, lobbying and engagement strategies to help our clients take on complex issues, all while making a meaningful impact. We work with each client individually to best assess their need and devise the most strategic plan to fit them.

Making a difference is our passion. Join us in igniting change.

Erin Sidhu